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Evgeny Ring – alto saxophone,

Philipp Rohmer bass,

Sasha Stiehler piano,

Dominique “Gaga” Ehlert drums.

Even though the band is named after the saxophone player Evgeny Ring, it consists of 4 different individuals with different musical visions, personal styles and sound esthetics. What connects those four musicians? They are all looking for challenges and surprising moments in music.

«I felt right away with whom I want to play in the band», said Evgeny about the foundation of the quartet in 2007.

It seems that he proved the right feeling at that time. By playing numerous concerts in Germany and Russia the band got well known in the Jazz scene and won among others the «Internationalen Jazzpreis Burghausen» (2009) and at the «Jazz competition Hoeilaart Belgien» (2010).

In 2011 they released the debut album «Ya Tashus» (Double Moon / Sunny Moon). They were not thinking about the name of the album for a long time. It came from the phrase of one of Evgeny’s Russian friends, which means: «I really dig it». The same ease can describe the style of their playing: «Each of us plays his own instrument, which not only serves as a means of self-expression, but also forms the rest of the band», – said Evgeny.

In 2015 the second album will be released at Swiss Jazz label UNIT Records. The name of the album is «Mesokosmos».It is about the thought of an artificially made world with space for observations and experiments. Nine songs on the album are between traditional structure and modern interpretation and connect listener’s expectations with improvisatory freedom. All compositions are made by Evgeny himself and tell his stories.

«Every song has its own color, composed by Evgeny. And the 3 of us play with that color», says piano player Sasha. «And so we develop ‘Red’ in many different varieties. But at the end it always stays ‘Red’».

The Band wants to show the strong side of every member and create space for individual ideas. All that can only work because of the close connection between the four musicians. Out of this faith, openness and friendship something unique rises, which appears not only in improvisation and on stage but also in life.


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