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An intimate voice full of valiant whims, Alina is a novel vocalist within a modern improvisational tradition. She has passionately developed a sensibility that empowers her to instantly communicate emotions to audiences and her fellow musicians. With both a technical mastery and an audacious attitude, Alina is a living experience to be heard.

In 2012, she was a finalist in the Princes Christina Jazz Concourse in Amsterdam, one of the largest jazz competitions in the country. The following year Alina was a finalist in the Dutch Vocal Competition, establishing her prowess on the European jazz scene.

Despite her young age, Alina has already recorded and performed all over Europe. She can be heard on her debut 2011 album «When The Sun Rises» with the Aram Rustamyants Trio, and on The Kim Nazaretov Municipal Big Band «Fair» record.

In 2009, Alina was involved in several international Big-Band projects, including the East West European Jazz Big Band where she was a soloist and toured with band throughout Germany, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. Her present status is best reflected in the festivals and tours she participated in alongside today’s jazz greats. These include performances at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival among Brad Mehldau, Charlie Hunter, and Marcus Miller, as well as the Eastern European tour alongside Dennis Rowland, Jerry Bergonzi, and Wycliffe Gordon.

Alina has been singing all her life and comes from a musical family: her grandfather was a world famous Russian jazz drummer Nicholay Goncharov. Alina began singing as early as two years old, and graduated from the highly renowned Rostov Children Jazz School n/a Kim Nazaretov with the highest marks possible.

At age 18, Alina moved to the Netherlands and began studying jazz vocals with J.D. Walter, Francien van Tuinen, and Ruben Hein.

Currently, Alina is getting her master’s degree in vocal performance at the Prince Claus Conservatory. She performs regularly around the Netherlands with her own quartet and several side projects. Her future and present ambition is to explore compositional possibilities and arrangements that enhance and broaden her style.


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