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1 Alex “SASHA” Sipiagin (trumpet, trombone class).
“…Sipiagin has proven himself an ever-evolving voice in what some are calling ‘the new mainstream.’…In fact… (he) seems to be reinventing the language of jazz…Sipiagin...is an evocative player whose avoidance of outspoken virtuosity belies his advanced technique.” – John Kelman.
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2 BorisKozlov (electric-bass, double-bass class).
Boris Koslov is grand teacher and magnificent composer, a Bassist, Arranger and Musical Director for Mingus Big Band, Mingus Dynasty and The Orchestra.
Glorious, Musically Sensitive! … Swung harder than anything else wills this year!” – Chicago Sun Times. Read more
3 Donald Edwards (drums class).
…with each generation continually producing those special individuals who push the envelope a little farther, Edwards is part of a new breed of young musicians who have discovered that total musicianship means more than just being a great instrumentalist, which he is by the way.
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4 Misha Tsiganov (piano class).
“Tsiganov is a well-balanced, lyrical pianist… He writes strong tunes… sophisticated, confident musicianship… like the best jazz recordings, its validity grows on you and the music gets into your mind.”
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5 J.D. Walter (vocal class).
“JD Walter may be the most avantgarde vocalist in jazz today… He creates meaningful shifts of emotions through extended improvisations, artfully bending elements of sound, pitch, and meaning. In addition, he uses electronic media to generate breathtaking harmonies and conics … Walter’s innovative approach goes far beyond that of any other singer around today, yet adheres closely to the jazz idiom.” – Victor L. Schermer. 
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Dave_Pietro Dave Pietro (saxophone class)
“He has his own distinctive sound and approach. It’s apparent that Pietro has the chops needed to keep the jazz mainstream fresh… ” — Lou Kannenstine.
“Though gifted with virtuosic technique, Pietro makes his point with a lyrical sensibility grounded in the soul of evocatively crafted charts.” — Chuck Berg.
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